Vendors and Exhibitors always weigh the benefits versus the cost of any Event they attend. How will their Brand be presented at your Event? What type of marketing opportunities will attract them to exhibit at your Event? These are only a handful of important questions an Event Planner needs to answer not only to attract a vendor or exhibitor, but give them a reason to attend year after year. Event Essentials maximizes their investment, promoting their Brand AND your Event with:

  • Real-Time Vendor/Exhibitor Sign-ups
  • Exhibitor Digital Forms with Options & Costs
  • Waivers, Digital Signatures, Checklists & Approvals all Online.
  • One PAGE Listings with Logos, information, map and Photos
  • Database Exporting of Key Contacts
  • Automated E-Confirmations & Responses
  • Executive Management Dashboard & Reporting
  • Creating Advertising Opportunities on your Tickets

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