Volunteers are a vital component for the success of an Event, which can save companies thousands of dollars on their Event budget. The number and quality of your volunteers can also make or break your Event. The more volunteers you have, the better customer service you provide at your Event and hence, more repeat attendance year after year! Event Essentials creates a vehicle that attracts, engages and manages volunteers with:

  • An Easy, Online Recruiting Process
  • Simple Posting of Job Descriptions
  • Simple Online Sign-ups
  • Waivers, Digital Signatures, Checklists & Approvals all Online
  • Email Communications
  • Gathering, Scheduling & Delegating Assignments
  • Creating T-Shirt & Ticket Discount Code Drop-Down Menus
  • Surveying & Debriefing Volunteers Post-Event
  • Obtaining, Sorting & Retaining Annual Volunteer Database

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