A Robust Talent Management Software for Event Professionals


An event just isn’t the same without top-notch talents. But coordinating their appearance at your event entails careful and constant coordination. Luckily, our talent management software makes it easier than ever to lock down performers, keynote speakers, athletes, and other guests for your events.


Event Essentials offers industry-leading talent management software solutions that can help you in holding a successful event, whether they are small conventions with a couple hundred participants or large, world-class events attended by thousands. With this software, you can do everything from accepting online registrations to digitally signing contracts and keeping track of your talents’ requirements. 


It’s like having a talent coordinator who works 24/7 on your behalf and keeps track of all the performers and speakers you’ve lined up.



Your talents are a crucial part of your event. But they’re far from the only thing you’re keeping tabs on. With our talent management software, you have a centralized dashboard where you can see both the big picture as well as the little details.


Talent Registration

Register a talent once and they’ll be in your database forever. You can input all the pertinent details such as artist representation, talent fee rates, contract riders, speaker profile, interests, and more. If you ever decide to tap a certain performer or speaker again, everything you need to book them is right at your fingertips.



Talent schedules matter before and during the event. Our system lets you easily organize information regarding a band’s appointed time and date of performance, as well as their stage plotting. For convention and conference speakers, you can easily set schedules for their talk, as well as show their assigned or preferred venue rooms. With this software, you ensure that neither you nor your performers will miss a beat.



Contracts are the cornerstone of talent management and keeping track of whether contracts have been sent and signed or not can be an ordeal. Our software allows you and your talents to both digitally sign contracts, with a tracker showing you everyone’s contract status. Say goodbye to back-tracking emails with Event Essentials.


Interactive Vendor/Band Location Map Options

To make it easier for your staff, they can use the location map feature. This makes it less of a hassle to find talents in assigned rooms or booths. Your team can search for a talent’s assigned location using information they’ve submitted during their online registration. 


Other Useful Features

    • Badge Printing
    • Sponsors
    • Multiple Payment Timing/Methods
    • Bands’ Requested Dates/Times/Stage Plots
    • Easy Upload of Riders and Requirements



Talent management can be complicated. But with our software, it doesn’t have to be. Using our software to manage your event has attractive benefits for many professional event organizers, such as convenience, ease of use, and time savings, to name a few.


We’d love to tell you more about our robust talent management software. Visit our Contact page and fill out the form so we can get you started on making your event successful!