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Events have a lot of moving parts. But what if a complete festival management software can help you keep track of everything—from vendor & exhibitor registration, ticketing, talent management, sponsor sign-up, and audience engagement to marketing, and more?

This is exactly what Event Essentials endeavors to provide to event organizers. Think of it as a Swiss army knife where everything you need is in one software. Event Essentials is built using a system of Feature Modules that can be customized depending on your event requirements and scale. Just choose the modules you need for your specific event.

Say goodbye to duct-taping different solutions and monitoring different types of software. Focus on the big picture and leave the details to our well-developed event management solutions.

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There are many types of festival management software available, but none with the breadth and depth of features that Event Essentials offers. Here are some of the things that you can expect when you use our software:


Different events have different requirements, but Event Essentials has all the features you need to put an event together no matter the size. Feel free to use any or all the robust features our software offers. Whether you are organizing a small corporate event or a large, world-class festival, you will have all the tools you need to make it successful.


Now more than ever, safety is the prime concern when it comes to gatherings. By automating key tasks such as ticketing and registration, you minimize in-person contact, which better protects your team as well as your guests. And because all transactions and data are stored in a centralized repository, you also ensure that personal information and payment details are kept private.

Time and money savings

Planning an event is a herculean task that requires long hours and manpower, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Using Event Essentials’ complete, easy-to-use software is like having an extra team to help you manage your event. It’ll give you more time to focus on what matters and keep tabs on event profitability as well.


How many people bought tickets and attended your event? What was their age or gender? How did they find out about your event? These are all things that event organizers and clients want to know. By using Event Essentials, you can pull up crucial data like these in no time with our Customized Tracking, Reporting, and Data Extracting feature. Furthermore, the insights you glean can be used to launch better, more successful events in the future.



No matter the venue and location, no matter the size of the attendees and exhibitors, and no matter the nature of your event, our all-in-one management software will be a vital tool to stage a successful event. Below are just some events that our customers have successfully launched: 

Street Fairs and Farmers Markets

Complete end to end management of all types of  Vendors, Exhibitors, and Food Trucks.

Festivals, Concerts, Fairs and Expos

Concerts, music festivals, screenings, fairs, art exhibitions


Fundraisers, charity dinners, benefit concerts, fun runs, golf tournaments, auctions


Community and agricultural fairs


Workshops, seminars, conventions, press conferences


To find out how exactly Event Essentials can help you plan and execute a successful event, fill out the form below. Let’s work hard toward making your event a success!

About Us

Festivals and Events all have issues that hamper their efficiencies and lowered their bottom line fundraising efforts. These issues mainly deal with the manual processing of paperwork, reports, volunteer management, vendor registrations and online ticket sales. Event Essentials has developed a system of web-based modules that enable all types of events to drastically cut the man-hours needed to produce a successful event by streamlining the following areas into one admin:

  • Ticketing Sales and Onsite Redemption
  • Registrations and Signups for all types of Events
  • Vendor and Exhibitor Applications, Vetting, Positioning and Payments
  • Artist, Band, Parade Registrations, Scheduling, Contracts and Placement
  • Stage, Artist, Performance Scheduling and XML Live Feeds
  • Volunteers Registrations, Communication and Scheduling
  • Sponsor Signups, Management
  • Interactive Event Maps
  • Donation Collections, Auctions, Competitions and Tracking
  • Ad Placements on your Website and Tickets
  • Attendee Text Voting and Interactions
  • Website and Content Management
  • Point Of Sale Systems
  • Merchandise eCommerce
  • Local Hotel Reservations

Who uses Event Essentials?

Key to a successful event


Key to a successful event

Tickets, Volunteers, Vendors, Exhibitors, Bands, Sponsors, Car Shows, POS and more

Your Event Management Software for Festivals

 Event Essentials offers the best event management software for festivals. When you need robust, feature-rich event and festival software, you can count on our web-based solutions to streamline tasks, promote your event, organize data, and sell your tickets online. Our festival event management software also handles donations, auctions, and products. Whether you need event vendor management software, festival planning software, or anything in between, our system integrates seamlessly with your processes, transforming how you present your events. Event Essentials can also update websites, whether you have a template or want a custom design.

Our festival app software is easy to use and convenient, allowing you to sell your services, collect information digitally, and track sales, streamlining your administrative tasks and reducing overhead costs while increasing productivity and sales.

You can trust our event management software for festivals to meet every need, including the following:

  • Music Festival Management Software
  • Street Fair Management Software
  • Food and Wine Festival Management Software

Features at a Glance

Ticket Management

Our ticket management festival software offers simple, convenient options to print tickets at home with QR features that attract more people. Our software makes it easy to manage larger crowds while reducing ticket costs. As your event gets bigger, you can count on us to streamline your gate management with discounts, coupons, special offers, on-site sales, and compensation with minimal hassle.

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Volunteer Management

Volunteers are a vital component for the success of an Event, which can save organizers thousands of dollars on their Event budget. The number and quality of your volunteers can also make or break your Event, however the more volunteers you have, the harder it is to manage them all. Our volunteer module includes sign-ups, scheduling, communications, positions, locations, check-in/out, reports and more.

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Exhibitor/Vendor Management

Vendors and exhibitors evaluate whether attending an event is cost-effective. They want to know how your event will showcase their brand and what marketing opportunities are available. With our online vendor registration solutions integrated into our festival planning software, you can answer all their questions and attract more vendors and exhibitors with a high chance of returns. We make it easy to manage your vendors with permits, waivers, space reservations, communication, and more.

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Sponsorships are a driving force behind any successful Event. Sponsors generate working capital for your Event, create Event buzz and promote awareness among participating exhibitors and vendors. Sponsorships can add hundreds, even thousands of dollars to offset event marketing and promotion costs, however, donors must see benefit to their investment. Use our module to sign-up and manage your Sponsors and let us show you the added benefits they get.

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Talent/Parade/Artist Management

The issue of talent management can overwhelm festival organizers, sometimes leaving them blind to other areas of need. Because of this problem, Event Essentials is a great solution that helps festival planners with the huge task of “artist management.” Our Talent Management module allows organizers the ability to take on this task with tools to make it all much easier! We can manage artist performances, stages, crew members, contracts, venues, applications waivers, parking passes, scheduling, documents, riders and more.

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Donation Management

Event Essentials provides simple, powerful donation pages for nonprofit organizations. Through our platform, we’ll customize your pages to match your website completely. Contests, teams, promotions, partners and more. When you have a professional, branded donation page, your donors will be more likely to trust that their payments are secure and complete the donation process!

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Text Voting and Attendee Alerts

NO MORE MANUAL VOTE TALLYING VIA RAFFLE TICKETS or CHIPS! REAL TIME RESULTS! Dedicated Live phone number that attendees can call to place their votes. SMS (text based) with real time filter to block duplicate votes, Displays all voting results in real time via dedicated mobile page.

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Interactive Event Maps

Interactive maps of all approved vendors, stages, and event services where Attendees can search by business name, description, booth number, need, etc.

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Auction Management

The issue of auction management can overwhelm festival organizers, sometimes leaving them blind to other areas of need. Because of this problem, Event Essentials is a great solution that helps festival planners with the huge task of “auction management.” Our Auction Management module allows organizers the ability to take on this task with tools to make it all much easier!

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Icon based products menu for ease of use to Sell Tickets, Merchandise with options, Food, Drinks and more Discount Functions, Real Time Reporting via web enabled Admin, End of Day Cash/Credit Card itemized reporting

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Social Media

Social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Swarm, Facebook, and Pinterest seem tailor-made for the big music festival experience. Beyond the core functionality of connecting and engaging audiences, social media can inspire FOMO (fear of missing out), expose new audiences to music, fashion, and subcultures. All which pretty much describes the music festival experience.

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Event Management

Event Essentials is a revolutionary new alternative to traditional event planning.  From galas to bashes and fairs to festivals, we’re providing a digital solution to the disorganization that plagues events of all types and sizes.  Best of all, we actually help address all of the many aspects of events – and are fully customizable to suit any need.  Watch your efficiency rise and your overhead drop with Event Essentials!

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The old days of festival marketing are over. The generic name on a stage or a banner in a tent somewhere are just not enough anymore. Both pre and during the event “Brand Activation” is key. It’s about getting progressive, innovative and cool and evolving as quickly as technology. Ambassadors, partnerships, co-marketing for funds, street teams are part of the current wave of promotion. Let’s discuss your event’s needs.

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Onsite Crowd Management

At any large festival, public safety is the number one priority, and the key to public safety is crowd control. Most of the crowd control must be passive, because it’s impossible to control large crowds with security labor alone. The crowd control must be able to be maintained without constant supervision. Event Essentials has helped hundreds of event organizers with attendee flow, check-in, vendor load-ins and outs, VIP accommodations, food, drinks, communication, facilities and more. Just ask us.

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Key to a successful event

Amber L.

Issaquah Salmon Days Festival

Event Essentials is THE multi-purpose tool you never knew you needed to have in your event arsenal!

We use EE as our platform for our festival (two-day event w/200,000 + attendees) and it manages three important yet completely different areas for us: volunteers, vendors and our parade. With over 564 shifts in 120 different positions, we rely on EE to manage the 350+ volunteers for our event with additional management of other smaller events associated with our festival offsite and/or before the festival (i.e. Golf Tournament, stages, etc.). In our vendor program, we handle roughly 577 vendors of various types such as Arts & Crafts, food, sponsors, non-profits, etc. EE works with us in creating and implementing all 7 of our vendor applications as well as manages all the information as a result. As for our parade, we average around 75 different entrants ranging from bands and floats to horses and VIPs. It is a varied yet entertaining parade and having EE keep track of each participant is effortless.

EE is extremely user friendly and intuitive. Without any training whatsoever, I got thrown into EE and surprisingly, navigation was easy and adding information, exporting data, reports, etc. was straightforward and uncomplicated. Considering the sheer size of data over a multitude of areas, it is amazing how simple their program is to use.

Besides all that EE has to offer and how they truly work with clients as a team, I have been impressed with their ability to pivot during Covid-19. In the event industry, social distancing is an obvious issue (among many) so we have been continually changing policies, adding new information, etc. and EE has not only responded swiftly in implementing our changes but were crucial in our decision making as well. They were also able to offer extremely helpful advice as well as create new opportunities when the world went on lock down.

Overall, EE has been a game changer by creating our different types of computer programs designed to perform specific tasks in a variety of areas. Each with different principle goals that we required our programs to achieve. We are continually impressed with EE’s quality and professionalism and are very happy with their product and customer service. Give them a try and add them as a supplement to your team. You’ll be surprised how much your efficiency will soar while reducing stress. And you will not be disappointed.

Jon Z.

Down to Earth Farmers Market

Customizing a flexible event management platform

Event Essentials enabled us to take an existing event management platform and configure it to our specific and quite unique needs. The flexibility of their platform is amazing. The EE team configured the system to accommodate our workflow. No more work-arounds. And that is a huge plus. The other farmers market management platforms were not able to be as responsive to customization. Interface is important to me and Event Essentials is quite good. Search and filtering are robust and snappy making it easy to view data as desired. Organizing content under a tab system is very helpful and essentially provides pre-filtered data sets. They have a robust Portal allowing our market vendors to access their accounts, view their applications, their registrations, email history and soon, invoices and payments. Vendors may initiate changes through their portal. And, the system has customized email notification that are associated with specific actions confirming status to vendors and notifying our staff action is required. We develop and manages about 15 seasonal farmers markets. We needed to integrate our management system tying together the two primary functional areas of our company — Vendor sales & management and Market Operations management. We deal with a large amount of data and lots of moving parts. We needed to integrate a robust daily market reporting system. We needed a robust reporting system with great filters. Event Essentials is doing this for us

Nelson B.

Chili Cook Off

“Transformative Experience”

Overall: Event essentials has been great for allowing us to fully automate our online ticketing, while giving us fully flexible ticketing options as well as a way to manage the sign up and tracking of a variety of different vendors and competition groups at our event. Going from a manual method to online database management also allows us to retain customer information for future events, and get an accurate assessment of our advertising campaigns and the value of our ticket options.

Pros: In my third year in running this event, we brought on Event Essentials. The amount of volunteer hours their software has freed up has given flexibility back to our organization, and made efficiencies possible that we once only dreamed of. Automating portions of our event that have been done by hand for over four decades, has created a sea change in how we are getting the job done. I am so grateful we partnered with the Event Essentials team.

Richard D.

Berlin Fair
Executive Director

“Large Community and Agricultural Fair”

Overall: In my opinion I don’t know if we could have found a better company to take from knowing little to nothing about event software through to the development of our unique application, implementation, and use.

Pros: EE offered a suite of products to help us better manage our country. The start-cost were fair and reasonable. They leased the required hardware which allowed us to not have to make a large capital investment while learning and trialing the benefits of the product. EE modified the software to fit our needs. They made almost instant changes when requested. Provided us with ended suggestions and advice about the implementation of the process.

Cons: I cannot think of any problems with the way the software performed. My biggest disappointment was that we didn’t get started sooner. I am already looking forward to next year’s event knowing we have these tools at our disposal from day one.

Kris M.

Large Food and Wine Festival

“More than software or event management – Event Essentials is T R A N S F O R M A T I O N A L”

Pros: The whole package; yes it started with my organization needing help with a fairly large venue festival; it needed updating and modernizing. Event essentials came in, took charge, proposed among other things a ticket eFulfillment solution and and auction manager -This festival has never run so smoothly! There used to be lines 6 and 7 blocks long of disgruntled festival goers waiting to be admitted into the venue. The lines are down to a few people deep, remarkable. So much easier than the way we used to do things.

Cons: Well frankly we thought we knew how things were supposed to be run, way of doing things and it is now almost 180 degrees different; but the lines are shorter, people leave happier, security has an easier job because the new ticket system kept the bad guys out!

Doug Ryan

Kiwanis Club
Virtual BrewFest 2020

Event Essentials, I wanted to give you a shout out for the friggin’ amazing virtual broadcast of the Brew Fest!!!!

This was my first virtual experience of this kind and the fusion of our Kiwanis promos and brewery tours along with the live feed was top drawer indeed. And the comedian was great which can always be a challenge!

The fact that Kiwanis supported local businesses and kept ourselves in the public spotlight is well worth it.

Anyway, great job!!!


Salmon Days

We use EE as our platform for our festival (two-day event w/200,000 + attendees) and it manages three important yet completely different areas for us: volunteers, vendors and our parade. We are continually impressed with EE’s quality and professionalism and are very happy with their product and customer service.


Illuminate Festival

It has been a pleasure to work with Event Essentials. They’ve made our festival management so easy!


Tucson Meet Yourself

Tucson Meet Yourself is a Multi Cultural festival that attacks over 120,000 people over the span on 3 days. We host over 60 different food vendors, 160 performers, & 700 volunteers. Event Essentials fits our needs and allows us to use 1 software for multiple components of our sign up/managing needs. Rep is wonderful to work with! I would highly suggest Event Essentials.


Nosco Memorial Ride

I can’t say enough about the excellent work and support that Event Essentials has provide the Mike Nosco Memorial Ride for the few years. The event system is amazing and has great functionality. The team listened to my thoughts and suggestions and far surpassed my expectations.

I highly recommend that you use Event Essentials to develop your event website!


Conejo Valley Days

As a Business Leader and Community Organizer, I have benefited greatly by using Event Essentials to market my endeavors and events. They have created clear and focused paths to organize our information and data into easy to access online formats. Event Essentials does a great job and I highly recommend them to anyone intent on organizing a successful event.


Hardley Strictly Bluegrass

I can’t tell you how much better my life has been now that we’ve got Event Essentials for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. This time last year I was pulling my hair out and losing sleep and now I’m just casually scheduling folks while enjoying a coffee. It’s incredible.


Sherman Oaks Chamber

Our new website and administrative site saved us hours and hours of manual work. We were able to keep track of our vendors online, create excel spreadsheets to sort vendors and analyze results and even send ad-hoc emails (both mass ones and ones to just certain kinds of vendors) quickly and easily. We were able to update information in real time. Whether we had a last minute change on the stage, a new sponsor or a community update, it was easy to log-on and keep our website accurate. We even created a great photo gallery of our event – loading the hundreds of photos took about 5 minutes!

Case Study

Key to a successful event

Thousand Oak Brew Fest

When our Kiwanis Club first discussed our needs with Event Essentials the solution sounded like it was too good to be true. However, when all was said and done, it was way better than we had hoped for. Our Vendors found the system easy to use and had no issues registering with it. Our Kiwanis Club received more complete information, so we could make quicker decisions on them attending the event and sending them event updates .

The ticketing and check-in processes were amazingly easy. The system streamlined our check-in process allowing us to check-in over 700 attendees in less than an hour. We had hundreds of compliments on “our” system.

Thank you again for the excellent customer service, support and especially the marketing help with our event.


BrewFest Co-Chair


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