Event Organizers and Promoters, have you ever asked yourself "Why can't someone create an Online System with all the tools I need in one program?"


Well guess what, we have created just that system. Event Essentials, the New Generation of Web-based event organizing tools is finally here. From a complete turnkey Website Solution to mix-and-match Web-Based Modules, you choose what you need. Event Essentials is a revolutionary new "online" system that virtually eliminates "old school" faxes, scans and snail mailing of Vendor, Sponsor and Volunteer applications. The Event Essentials system provides organizers access to real-time event files and vital data from anywhere - anytime. Combined with our eTicket Sales and Event Registration System, Event Essentials creates a "one-stop" application that streamlines your event's marketing & communication, collects and organizes all your critical data, and dramatically saves valuable time.


Deliver an event that gets checked out, talked about & sold out. Invest in Your Event Success!

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Event organizers have requested a convenience-driven, easy-to-use, web-based system that would sell services, collect & consolidate forms in digital format, track customer sales, lower the their overhead costs and overhead while increasing sales and productivity. This is the concept our system arose from.


Event Essentials provides organizers of Festivals, Fairs and Events a web-based set of tools that streamline tasks, promote their events, organize data and provide online sales for the event tickets, donations, auctions and products. This is a completely integrated event organizing and management system borne and refined through actual use with significant customers. If you have a Website, great, you can use any of our modules you want. If you don't have a Website or need an update, perfect, with Event Essentials is great for both. You can choose from a temple or we'll build you a customized event Website.


Other online companies provide some of the services event organizers need buy not all. Companies generally only provide one maybe two event services, we have over a dozen. All orchestrated via our secure administration system.


What is very unique about Event Essentials is that the event organizers can manage their own website, ticket sales, sponsors, exhibitors, silent auctions, volunteers and more. With EE anyone can administer the website functions via a secure, password protected dashboard with NO Website programming skills.



Online Ticket Sales

Simple, Efficient, Print-at-Home Ticketing will draw large crowds to your Event, but large crowds can be a bigger challenge to manage.


Online Volunteer Sign-ups

Volunteers are a vital component for the success of an Event, which can save companies thousands of dollars on their Event budget.


Online Vendor/Exhibitor Registrations

Vendors and Exhibitors always weigh the benefits versus the cost of any Event they attend.



Sponsorships are a driving force behind any successful Event.


Daily – Social Deals

Event Essentials offers its customers a complete solution for Daily Deal sites like Groupon, Amazon Local and Living Social. We've worked with these companies and can integrate your campaigns with our system giving you real time access to ALL your sales data including Deals. Contact us for more info!

All types of Event Transactions

We enable you to sell or take registrations for many different categories of events with various types of online transactions.

Social Media Promotion / Sales

Social media is where it's at and Event Essentials can help you to "Bridge-the-Gap" between your Event Website and Social Media with links, embedded viewers, Facebook store and more! Contact us for more info!

Customized Solutions

Event Essentials is your utility tool with multiple solutions for your event needs.

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