Use Our Event Ticketing Software For All Your Events


Want to have fully booked events each and every time? The solution you’re looking for is none other than Event Essentials, an event ticketing software jampacked with features that will help you plan and execute a successful event.


With our revolutionary all-in-one software, you can manage all ticket purchases and redemptions online. It’s like having a ticket booth that’s open 24/7, allowing you to maximize event profits and ROI. Our event ticketing software also features customized tracking and reporting for all purchased and redeemed tickets. You can easily check ticket user information, redemption status, and quick redemption stats anytime.  


And the best part? You can have everything up and running in no time at all with the help of our team. Using our Ticket Purchase Integration feature, we can match your website’s design theme to give a seamless ticket buying experience. 



As a comprehensive online event registration and ticketing software, Event Essentials offers solutions that make it well worth the investment. Find out how our software can help take your events to the next level:


Ticket Purchase Integration

We provide a turn-key solution covering the entire breadth of the ticketing process, starting with creating a ticketing page matching the customer’s website design theme. This makes the transaction appear seamless for ticket buyers. Additionally, all purchase pages are SEO optimized and mobile compliant. There’s even an Admin CRM that confirms every purchased ticket.


Interactive Seat Mapping

With Event Essentials, you also have the option to use our software’s Interactive Seat Mapping with a real-time seat selection feature. For events taking place in a theater, auditorium, or arena, this feature will show the space’s layout, allowing ticket buyers to select their desired seats. Buyers can click on the seats to check availability and then proceed to the checkout process. 



We can design your tickets with elements that make it convenient for ticket buyers as well. The eTicket will have sections showing the following information for easy reference: ticket type, ticket purchase price, customer information, sponsors, event parking instructions, and disclaimer information. If you want to add more details on the eTicket, let our team know and we’ll include them. 


Mobile eTicket

One great way to make your event GREEN is to issue Mobile eTickets. With our software, you can create ticket designs optimized for mobile devices branded with the event banner. For quicker redemptions, QR/bar mobile layout will be included on the eTicket. Banner advertisements will also be shown per order/ticket to increase sponsorship revenue. 



Event Essentials has proven time and again that we can make events successful. We know that fast redemptions are critical to the success of any event. With our Redemption feature, purchasers can easily get their tickets. You can check each ticket’s redemption status and search for customer tickets by last name, phone number, and other information gathered. You can also view quick redemption stats like total ticket redemptions and types of tickets redeemed.



Different events have different goals, but Event Essentials is your one-stop solution to achieving all of them. With a convenient online ticketing system, your event’s success is guaranteed.


Find out why Event Essentials is the best event ticketing software for you. Fill out the form on our Contact page so you can start boosting your ticket sales. You can also get in touch with us by checking out our social media pages.